The PharmaQue App makes getting your prescription
medication Faster and more Convenient

  • No more waiting in queue's while you are sick
  • No more disclosing allergies for the correct medication
  • No more disclosing medical plans each time you need medication
  • Your medication will be prepared before you even arrive at the pharmacy

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Stop Waiting for Medication


No More Queue's

With the PharmaQue App you can send your prescription Directly to your Preferred Pharmacy and the medication will be ready before you arrive.

Easily Make Changes

The PharmaQue App allows for clients to Communicate with their pharmacy during the preparation phase to Change or Add medication to their order.

Ready On Arrival

Your medication will be checked, packed and paid for during your trip to the pharmacy so that you do not have to wait in a queue to receive it.

Record Medical Plan Once

We allow clients to record Medical Aid details with the app so that the pharmacists may Claim for your medication on your behalf, all the work is done before you arrive.

Record payment Once

We allow clients to record their payment details with the app meaning any payment shortfalls and claims are handled by the pharmacist before you arrive. All necessary details will be supplied to the pharmacist when your prescription is sent.

Record Allergies Once

We encourage clients to record their Allergies with the app so that the pharmacist may supply the correct medication to the client and minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

How it works

Would you like to save time when picking up your medication by not needing to wait in queue's anymore? Want to ensure it is properly prepared once you arrive with no fuss or hassle?
Use one of the QR codes below to download and install the app.

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How does the PharmaQue App save you time
and make going to pharmacies more Convenient?

  • The PharmaQue App is designed to make your life easier when it comes to getting your prescribed medication by allowing you to send your prescription to your Preferred Pharmacy directly.

  • When you have installed the app and have gone through our Very Simple Registration process, all you have to do is select your preferred pharmacy, take a photo of your prescription the next time you visit your GP and your order will be prepared for you while you make your way to the pharmacy.

  • You may also record a list of your Allergies in the app so that the pharmacy give you the correct medication and minimize risk.

  • The app allows you to record your medical aid and payment details so that the pharmacist can claim for it and pay for any shortfalls Before you even arrive at the pharmacy. Everything will be done for you on your way.

  • This means that you will Not have to wait in queue's or have to disclose any allergies to your pharmacist when getting your medication, all your details will be kept safely in PharmaQue's system.

  • If you are out of town, the PharmaQue app has the ability to direct you to a pharmacy near you so that you can always get your medication, even when you're away from home.

  • The PharmaQue App is entirely free to install and register an account, your only extra expense will be R2.50 for each time you chose to use the pickup service. Do not forget to bring the signed prescription paper with you.

PharmaQue for Service Providers

Your customers that have installed the application and registered will take
a photo of the prescription soon after receiving it from their doctor. This
will be sent to you, if your pharmacy is setup as their preferred pharmacy.

You can then proceed to select and pack the medicine. As soon as it is ready
for collection, you simply click a button and the customer receives a
notification thereof.

You may also opt to offer additional medicine via this system to the customer
before he/she arrives. If they accept, you can also pack those.

When the customer arrives, they must handover the original prescription and
sign whatever documentation you require. Then you can process shortfall
payments if needed, and hand over the medicine pack.

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